Reconnect VPN upon resume from sleep (Windows)

Windows doesn’t automatically reconnect VPN connections when you resume from standby mode. Sometimes this can be annoying – for instance when you are using someone else’s Internet and want to make sure that your connection is always secured through the VPN. To fix this, I created a task┬áthat automatically connects to a predefined VPN whenever you resume Windows.

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120+ Live Webcams not requiring Flash

It’s raining outside. It has been cold and gloomy in the last couple days. Since I cannot afford going to a sunny, remote beach right now, the best I can do is load one of the below webcams and watch ocean waves crash onto the sand. Pathetic I know.

The following live streams are from the Earthcam Network. They are pretty well known, and there are quite a few other blogs listing at least some of these streams. With one big difference: All the lists I’ve seen link to them using the Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) protocol. The biggest drawback is that RTMP only works in Flash. But who wants to do Flash these days? Fortunately, Earthcam streams are powered by the Wowza Media Server, which includes support for other protocols as well. So after some food for thought I was able to find the following links which all point to the AVC/H.264 streams using standard HTTP. This means they should be compatible with a wide range of popular video players (I am using MPlayer).

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